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"20th London New Wind Festival goes International!"

 Friday 22nd September 2017


Regent Hall

Salvation Army

272 Oxford Street

London W1C 2DJ

Simon Desorgher Flutes,Catherine Pluygers Oboes, Phil Edwards Clarinets,  Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn, Glyn Williams Bassoon, Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano

*First Performance

**First European Performance

*Hugh Shrapnel Sonatina for Horn and Piano (revised)

Heather Pease Her Royal Highness Fanfare - a variation of the Last Post for Horn and Trombone

*Maura Capuzzo (Italy) Un Quasi Lento Giro Di Vento for Wind Quintet

**Cecilia Franke (Sweden) "The Myth of Vineta" for Wind Quintet"

**Victoria Malawey (USA) In Memoriam for Wind Quintet

**Jordan Nobles (Canada) Tides for Wind Quintet

**Richard Mathuis (USA) Snakes, Lizards and Bugs for Woodwind Quartet and Electric Piano

*Catherine Pluygers Metropolis for Full Ensemble and Electronics

**Anna Veismane (Latvia) Homage to Claude Debussy for Solo Clarinet

 Kaija Saariaho (Finland) Noa Noa for Flute and Electronics

Luis Tinoco (Portugal) Autumn Wind for Wind Quintet

**Acacio Piedade(Brazil) Ghost Joke forWoodwind Trio. 

  Tickets at door £8 (5)










London New Wind Festival 2013






London New Wind Festival 2012


Friday September 21st 7.30pm
St Cyprian's Church, Glentworth Street, London NW1 6AX
Tickets £8 (5) at door.  




Wednesday October 24th 7.30pm
 Regent Hall, Salvation Army, 275 Oxford Street, London WIC 2DJ
 Tickets £8 (5) at door. 





Friday November 23rd 3pm to 10pm
Regent Hall, Salvation Army, 275 Oxford Street, London W1C 2DJ





London New Wind Festival 2011


Friday September 23rd 7.30pm
St Cyprian's Church, Glentworth Street, London NW1 6AX
Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Philip Edwards Clarinets, Henryk Sienkiewitz Horn, Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano, Ellie Blackshaw Violin (Guest Artist)
Programme Includes:
    Barry Mills                       Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano
***  Hilary Tann (USA)            Like Lightenings for Solo Oboe
***    Paul Ayres                       Prelude for Trombone and Piano
*    Anthony Green            Three Variants and Finale for Violin and Ensemble
*Zachary Gvirtzman                           Not Too Alone for ensemble
                                             The Crowded Room for ensemble
*    Matthew Stewart             Aftermath (Fallout) for ensemble
*    Drew Hammond               Flock for Violin, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano
***  Peta Crompton                   "For Icarus" for Solo violin
***Andrew Reynolds                In Transit for Solo Clarinet
Avril Anderson            Behind Bars for Solo Trombone
Martin Butler                     Hunding for Solo Horn

And more premiers for Piano, for clarinet and for ensemble TBA    
*   world premier
** european premier


Wednesday October 19th 7.30pm
 Regent Hall, Salvation Army, 275 Oxford Street, London WIC 2DJ
Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Phil Edwards Clarinet, Henryk Sienkiewitz Horn, Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleriidge Piano.
     Ruth Gipps                           Sonata for Oboe and Piano
                                              Triton for Horn and Piano
    David Lumsdaine                   A Tree Dances for Orpheus for Ensemble
     Frank Bayford                      Capriccio Opus 83B for Oboe and Piano
*   Michiko Shimanuki        Wildflowers for Clarinet, Cor anglais and Piano     
** Dolores White                       Three Pictures for Trombone and Piano
*   Robert Coleridge                                                New Work for Ensemble
*   Mattias Hancke de la Fuente                          Relieves for Ensemble
*   Andrew Reynolds                        Almost Disperse for Ensemble
*       Judith Bailey     Passacaglia for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Trombone. 
         Anthony Green                                          Glen Rosa for Ensemble
         Ann Boyd             A Vision: Jesus reassures his Mother for Solo Piano
*   Ben Lunn              Barren Landscape for Horn and Piano 

* World Premier  ** European Premier



November 7th , Time 7.30
 H.M.S. President, Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y OHJ.


Catherine Pluygers - Oboes, Adrian Northover - Saxes,
Adam Bohman - Found Objects,
Guest Artists include John Russell - Guitar, and Roland Ramanan - Trumpet

Music includes Lament for Japan for Solo Oboe by Catherine Pluygers, 
Text Pieces by Adam Bohman and Instrumental solos
and Improvised Music for Full Ensemble.

Films include 'Lucretia' by Trisha McCrae as well as films by
Helen Petts and Vicky Langan  with live accompaniment.




Friday November 25th 7.30pm
Regent Hall, Salvation Army, 275 Oxford St, London W1C 2DJ

Catherine Pluygers                Oboe
Alan Tomlinson                     Trombone
Hugh Schrapnel                    Keyboards
Robert Coleridge                   Piano
Improvised and composed music by Cardew, White, Schrapnel, Coleridge TBC


London New Wind Festival 2010


Tuesday September 28th 7.30pm
St Cyprian's Church, Glentworth Street, London NW16AX


"Brand New Music For Winds"


Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Phil Edwards Clarinets, Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn, Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano, Ellie Blackshaw (guest artist) Violin.
Programme Includes:
*       Michiko Shimanuki         Flos Ferri for Solo Violin
*       Moon Young Ha (USA)    It Makes No Difference for 5 Players
***   Ben Oliver                     Schism for Violin, Bass Clarinet and Piano
         Yuko Ohara                   Rising Eels for Oboe and Trombone
         Graham Fitkin                Jim and Pam and Pam and Jim for Solo Oboe
*       Caitlin Rowley                Deconstruct for full Ensemble
***   Mark Horton                  Black for Solo Clarinet
**     Jerry Casey (USA)         Three Moods for French Horn and Piano
         Mark Wilderspin            Underground Lines for 5 Players
* World Premier **Europe Premier ***first London Premier


Tuesday 19th October 7.30PM
Lauderdale House
Highgate Hill
Waterlow Park
London N6 5HG


'Birthday Composers and Friends'


Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Phil Edwards Clarinets, Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn,
Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Colerdige Piano

Programme Includes
         Enid Luff                       The Wake for Solo Oboe
*      David Carhart                 In Due Parti for Clarinet in A and Piano
**    Jordan Nobles                Simulacrum for Full Ensemble
*      Jose Guillermo Puella      Brava La Cana for Piano Solo
***  Orie Sato                      Umleitung for Cor Anglais and Bass Clarinet
        Paul Mellor                    Swing High, Swing Low for Horn and Trombone
*      Robert Coleridge            New Work for Full Ensemble
        Peter Racine Fricker       Dialogues for oboe and Piano
        Sadie Harrison               Owl of the Hazels for Bass Clarinet and Piano
*      world Premier  **European Premier  ***UK Premier



Wednesday November 3rd
October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury,
London WC1N 3AL

Booking is advisable for this event as there are limited places.

To book email catherinepluygers@hotmail.com


 Silent Films by Women Film-Makers including
Tricia McCrae                  What Do We See
Helen Petts                      Island
Anne Telford                   Reflections
Flora Skivington               A New Way to Fly
Patricia Videl Delgado       Videoscope
Patricia Walsh                 Beyond the Trail
Patti Gaal-Holmes          Correspondance for Lovers
And improvised Music by
Ensemble Trip-Tik
Catherine Pluygers (oboes)
Adrian Northover (Saxes)
Adam Bohman (Found Objects)
Alison Blunt (Violin) Guest Artist
Caroline Kraable (Sax, Voice) Guest Artist
Guest Speaker
Debbie Golt from Outerglobe and Resonance Radio
6.pm          Women in Music AGM
7.30           Show
8.45           Reception


'Improvised Music'

Tuesday 9th November 2010
 H.M.S President,
Victoria Embankment,
London EC4Y OHJ
Catherine Pluygers (Oboes)
Adrian Northover (Saxes)
Adam Bohman (Found Objects)
Noura Sanatian  (Violin)
Benedict Taylor (Viola)
Noel Taylor (Clarinet)
 MIYA (Silver Flute) and
Terry Day Bamboo Reed-Pipes, Recorders, Balloons.
Ivor Kallin (Violin, Viola)
Hannah  Marshall ('Cello)
Alison Blunt  (Violin)
 Adam Bohman (Voice) and
Jeff Cloke (Reson8 Live Sampling/Processing)
"All the Conspirators/the  Memorial"
Sue Lynch   (Tenor Sax)
Caroline Kraabel  (Alto/Baritone Saxes)
Adrian Northover (Soprano Sax)
David Petts (Tenor Sax)
Kasia Kuchnicka     (Trombone)
Ian Smith              (Trumpet
Ricardo Tejeo        (Saxophone/Flute)l
Roland Ramanan     (Trumpet)
Ian Smith (Trumpet)
Mark Browne  ( Soprano Saxophone)
Adrian Northover  (Alto Sax)
Ricardo Tejero (Tenor Sax)
Robert Jarvis (Trombone)
Marcia Matos (Cello)
Dominic Lash (Bass)
Tony Marsh (Drums).
 Tickets £5 at door.



Tuesday November 16th
The Rudolph Steiner Theatre
Rudolph Steiner House
35 Park Road
London NW1 6XT (Baker Street Tube


Catherine Nardiello Pianist
Catehrine Pluygers Oboe and Cor

The programme will feature contemporary works for both instruments.
Includes works by:
Joseph Bujtas, Paul Glass, Cornelius Cardew, Guiseppe Senfett.


'Brand New Music for winds'

Friday 19th November 2010
The Regent Hall
Salvation Army
275 Oxford Street
London WIC 2DJ
6.00  pm     
Composers Panel
Tonight's composers will discuss their work.    
Marjorie Maxine Rusche 
Ben Messer
Olivier Grigg
Louis Johnson
Michiko Shimanuki
Jinok Cho
Jane Serter
Katee Woods
Bernard Hughes 
Melanie Henry  Saxophone, Clarinets and Flute,  Sally Mays Piano
Dave Heath                               Out of the Cool
Graham Fitkin                           Jim and Pam and Pam and Jiim
Howard Skempton                     Reflections
Friday Night in the Citry             Avril Anderson
...........Lake Water Lapping        David Anderson
London New Wind Ensemble
Brand New Music for Winds
Guest Artist Marjorie Rusche (USA)
Charlotte Munro Flute, Catherine Pluygers Oboe,
Phil Edwards Clarinet,Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn,
Alan Tomlinson trombone/conductor, Glyn Williams Bassoon,
Robert Coleridge piano/conductor
* World Premier **First Europe*  
Michiko Shimanuki       The Dreams and the Pendulum for Ensemble
*   Bernard Hughs             Dance My Heart is Set for  Ensemble
*   Olivia Grigg                 Apollo and the Continents for Ensemble
** Jordan Nobles              Undercurrents for Ensemble
     Caitlin Rowley             Deconstruct Point, Line, Plane for Ensemble
*   Louis Johnson              Lullaby for Ensemble
*   Jinok Cho                    Airirang for Ensemble
** Marjorie Rusche          Radiant Inferno from 'Eclipse' for Solo Piano
** Marjorie Rusche          Tone Poems for Basoon and Piano 
*   Sam Messer               In Shadow II for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano
*   Katee Woods               Winds of Resistance for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Horn
*   Jane Serter                 Sad Sighs and Grains of Sand for Oboe, Clarinet and Trombone
     Henryk Sienkiewicz      Trio for Oboe, Horn and Piano
     Robert Coleridge         New Work for Ensemble
Finding the venue
The Regent Hall is opposit e British Home Stores. 
 The nearest undergrounds are Oxford Street and Bond Street.




London New Wind Festival 2009

Monday September 21st
St Cyprian's Church
Glentworth Street
London NW1 6AX

"Brand New Music for Winds"


Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Phil Edwards Clarinet, Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn,
Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano,
Ellie Blackshaw violin (guest artist).
Programme Includes

** Caitlin Rowley Pieces of Eight for Full Ensemble

*   Anthony Green Glen Rosa for Wind Ensemble and Piano  

**  Meira M Warshauer (USA) Lament for Solo Oboe

**  Rebecca Oswald (USA) The Dimming of the Day
(for Natural Horn in E Flat)

* Orie Sato Rondon for Solo Trombone

***Dudley Hyam Arborlow for Solo Violin 

*  William Attwood Whenworld for Trombone and piano
**Vivid Screening for bass clarinet  

Philip Cashian Devil's Box for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

Michael Finnissy Three Uncharacteristic Marches with a Trio for Full  Ensemble


*    World Premier
**  UK Premier
***First London Premier 


Friday October 16th
Lauderdale House
Highgate Hill
Waterlow Park
London N6 5HG

"Birthday Composers and Friends"

Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Philip Edwards Clarinet, Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn,
Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano
Programme Includes
George Nicholson Fills for Solo Clarinet
Barry Mills Lament for Horn and Piano

*Julia Usher  The Periodic Table III for Full Ensemble
Peter Maxwell-Davies Mercator for Trombone and Piano
Anthony Gilbert Photos found at Hukvaldy for Solo Oboe

Anthony Gilbert U-Go for Airirgang for Full Ensemble
Jeremy Dale Roberts Stele for John Lambert for Piano Solo

Peter Dickinson  Lullaby for Oboe and Piano
Margaret Lucy Wilkins 366" for Solo Trombone

Jo Kondo  Birthday Toast for Full Ensemble
George Nicholson  Darkening of the Day for Oboe and Piano
*Michiko Shimanuki  C for Cheshire Cat for Oboe and Piano
Brian Lynn   Doolallynastics for Solo Trombone

*    World Premier


12th London New Wind Festival and Women in Music UK Joint Event


  Friday 6th November
Regent Hall,
275 Oxford St,
London W1C 2DJ

     "New Music New Ideas"
5.15-6.15   Women in music AGM
6.30-7.20   Panel Discussion
 "Getting Your Music Performed"
Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman MBE
Composer, Professor of Applied Music at the University of Winchester
Julia Usher
Composer, Co-Editor of Primavera Music, Music Therapist, Community Music Organiser
Dr Claudia Molitor
Composer, Director and Co-Founder of Soundwaves Festival
Diana Ambache
Conductor and Pianist, Founder of the Ambache Chamber Orchestra
Dr Margaret Lucy Wilkins
Composer, Head of Music Composition (Retired) University of Huddersfield
7.30 -10pm CONCERTS

7.30  Concert 1
Sally Mays Piano

Margaret Sutherland       Voices 2

Helen Gifford          3 Miniatures 
Amanda Handel             Zardash

Avril Anderson    Lines in the Sand 
8.00  Concert 2
Nancy Ruffer Flutes

Hilary Tann      Windover

Julia Usher     Aquarelles (flt/picc/alto)

Enid Luff    Meister Eckhart's Flute
8.30  Concert 3
Enid Blount Press (USA) Clarinets

***Anne-Marie Turcotte   Preludio Sopra una Scala
                     Tre Variazioni
                              Poliforniche e Tema

Chen Yi       Monologue - Impressions

*Emanuela Ballio      Narciso

***Julia Harting    Coagula 
9.00  Concert 4
London New Wind Ensemble: Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Philip Edwards Clarinet, Henryk Sienkiewicz (Horn), Glynn Williams (Bassoon), Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano/Conductor.

* Adriana Isobel Figueroa    Fantasy for Trombone and Piano

***Christina Green   Thread

*Litha Efthmiou   Happy 26th for Kenan

*Marjorie Maxine Rusche     Bluesy Cantabile from Nightwatch for Solo Piano

*Jenny Chartres             Running Late for Horn, Tenor Trombone and Bassoon

*Effy Efthmiou            Phrenitikos

Rebecca Oswald      The Dimming of the Day for Solo Horn

Caitlin Rowley        Pieces of 8

* Magaly Ruiz    Pequena Pieza for Trombone and Piano

*Jane Serter         Pile up the Agony for Solo Oboe.


www.womeninmusic.org.uk     www.myspace.com/womeninmusicUK




Tuesday November 10th 2009 8pm

Concert of Solo Piano Music and Solo Oboe Music
St Gabriel's Church
Warwick Square
London SW1
 (Pimlico Tube)

Catherine Nardiello                            Piano Solo
Catherine Pluygers (Guest Artist)         Oboe and English Horn Solo
The programme will include contemporary works for both instruments. 
Featured composers include Jane Serter, Cornelius Cardew, Ruth Gipps,
Stephen Mark Barchan, Catherine Pluygers, Meira Warshauer (USA) and
world premier
of 'Notturno' for piano by Guiseppe Senfett.



Friday November 20th


St Cyprian's Church,
Glentworth Street,
London NW1 6AX


Trio ' HTU '

Hannah Marshall and Ute Kangiesser Cellos
Terry Day Bamboo Reed Pipes, Balloons, Flutes


The Remote Viewers

Adrian Northover Soprano Sax  
Caroline Kraabel Alto Sax
Sue Lynch Tenor Sax  
David Petts Tenor Sax


Clere Laude

Noel Taylor Clarinets
Noura Sanatian Violin
Andrea Caputo Guitar


Catherine Pluygers Oboe
Rodrigo Montoya Shamisen
Veryan Weston Piano


Kasia Kuchnika Trombone
Ricardo Tejero Sax, Clarinet
Orphy Robinson Xylophone
Roberto Sassi Percussion


Jeff Cloke Reson8,
Eugene Martynec Laptop,
Tony Marsh Percussion


Tickets £5 at door




London New Wind Festival 2008


Tuesday 23rd September

7.30 pm
Lauderdale House Highgate Hill
Waterlow Park
London N6 5HG

"Birthday Composers and Friends"

Catherine Pluygers - Oboe,  Philip Edwards - Clarinet, 
Henryk Sienkiewicz - Horn,  Ellie Blackshaw - Violin,  Robert Coleridge - Piano.
Michael Parsons        Syzygy Duets for Oboe and Clarinet
Thea Musgrave         Music for Horn and Piano
Michael Zev Gordon   Fragments from a Diary
Gabriel Jackson         Black and White Trio
* Colin Bayliss          Conversation Piece for Horn and Piano
Anna Meridith           Charged for Solo Violin
Edward McGuire        Prelude 9 for Clarinet and Tape Delay
William Wordsworth   Dialogue for Horn and Piano
*Orie Sato               Hoturu for Solo Oboe
Tickets £8 (5)      



Friday October 17th 2008

7.30 pm
Lauderdale House Highgate Hill
Waterlow Park
London N6 5HG

"Brand New Music for Winds" 

Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Phil Edwards Clarinet, Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn, Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano

Programme includes

Luca Vanneschi - Metafisco Duo for Trombone and Piano
World Premier 

Drew Hammond - Six Journeys for Bass Clarinet and Piano
World Premier

Henryk Sienkiewicz - Trio for Horn, Bass Clarinet and Piano
World Premier

Amber Priestley - Feel Things The Way About for full ensemble
World Premier

Stephen Mark Barchan - Deep Desires for solo Cor Anglais
World Premier

Hywell Davies - Apostrophes for Oboe, Trombone and Piano
World Premier

Cheryl Francis Hoad - Boulemata for solo Clarinet
First London performance

David Carhart - Chiaroscuro for Horn and Piano
World Premier

Paulo Longo - Dialougues En Discordance for Trombone and Piano
World Premier

Jane Serter - End Free for solo Oboe
World Premier


Tickets £8 (5)   



Wednesday 5th November

HMS President,Victoria Embankment,

'Small Improvisation Groups/Soloists'


Ensemble Trip-Tik
Catherine Pluygers (Oboes) Adrian Northover (Saxes)
Adam Bohman (Found Objects)

Caroline Kraabel - Saxophone, Eugene Martynec - Laptop
Ivor Kallin String Trio(Barrel), Jeff Cloke - Reson8,
Neil Metcalf(Flute) & John Rangecroft (Clarinet)
Max Reed Dancer

Tickets £5 at the door.




Saturday 8 November 2008


Women in Music Conference

The Regent Hall,
275 Oxford Street,

"Women's Music: the Other (Gender)?"


Women in Music UK is celebrating its 21st Birthday by collaborating with the 11th London New Wind Festival

1.00 pm Women in Music AGM.

The Conference will celebrate 100 years of the women in music movement in the UK.
The Panel will discuss various models for educating composers.
Conference chaired by Dr Margaret Lucy Wilkins.
2-4pm Research papers
4.30 pm Errollyn Wallen
5-6pm Panel discusiion; The Education of Composers


Concert details

Catherine Pluygers Oboe Solo

Ruth Gipps - The Piper of Dreams Op 12(B)       
Jane Serter - End Games
Orie Sato - Hotaru for Solo Oboe
Nancy Ruffer Flutes

Sadie E Harrison - Three Expositions (solo flute)

Betsy Jolas - Episode 1

Shulamit Ran - East Wind

Sally Beamish - Max's Pibroch (piccolo)

Ruth Duckworth - Blue Sky Thinking (piccolo)
(World Premier)

      Henryk Sienkiewicz  Horn and
Stephen Beville Piano

Thea Musgrave - Music for Horn and Piano

Tansie Davies - Spindle
Christopher Bush (USA) Clarinets and
Carol Minor (USA) Piano

Joan Tower - Fantasy....."Those Harbor Lights"

Yumi Hara Cawkwell - Six Flowers       

Psallite Choir - Director Nancy Hadden


Music (Three Spells) by Judith Cloud
(especially written for the Psallite Choir)  
poetry by Kathleen Rayne

1  Spell against Sorrow
2  Love Spell
3  Spell of Creation


Research Papers
 Laura Seddon.
PhD pg, City University, London.
Breaking Insuperable Barriers: The Women and the Ideology of the Society of Women Musicians.

Jennifer Kelly.
asst. professor of Music, Lafayette College, Easton, PA, USA.
Hilary Tann: Welsh composer living in America.

June Boyce Tillman, MBE
Rev. Professor of Applied Music, University of Winchester
Women in Liturgical Music

Guest Speaker
Errollyn Wallen
Visiting Composer-in-Residence, Birmingham Conservatoire.
Educating Composers

Panel Members
Topic: The Education of Composers

Prof Rhian Samuel.
City University/ Composer/ Editor, Grove Dictionary of Women in Music (1995)

Dr. Mary Bellamy
University of Huddersfield/ Composer

Dr. Margaret Lucy Wilkins
composer/ University of Huddersfield (retired)/ Creative Music Composition: the Young Composer's Voice (Routledge, London & New York, 2006)



email: info@womeninmusic.org.uk





Sunday 9th November


HMS President,Victoria Embankment,

'Large Improvisation Groups'


Ensemble Trip-Tik with guests
Catherine Pluygers (Oboes), Adrian Northover (Saxes),
Adam Bohman (Found Objects)
Guests: Terry Day (Bamboo Pipes),Jacques Foschia (Clarinet)
and Max Reed - Dancer

Dave Tucker - Electric Guitar, Mark Sanders - Drums,
Eugene Martynec - Laptop

, The Roland Ramanan Tentet

Jeff Cloke Reson8,


Tickets £5 at the door.





Tuesday November 11th 2008


Rudolph Steiner House
35 Park Road
London NW1

"New Music for Oboe and Piano"


with Catherine Nardiello - Piano
and Catherine Pluygers - Oboe and English Horn.

Programme Includes

Five Pieces for Piano Op 34 - Paul Ben Haim

La Pierra Magenta - Joyce Bee Tuan Koh

Impulsive Sonorites - Jane Serter
    (World Premier)

Photos found at Hukvaldy - Anthony Gilbert


Tickets £6
Concessions £4



Friday November 14th 2008

St Cyprians Church

"New Windband Music"

Kew Wind Orchestra
Director - Spencer Down

The Remote Viewers
Adrian Northover - soprano sax
Caroline Kraabel - alto sax
Sue Lynch - tenor sax
David Petts - tenor sax



Masque - Kenneth Hesketh (full band)
Macbeth - Peter Meechan (full band)
Amazing Grace - Trad. arr. William Himes (full band)
Serenade for 13 Winds op 7 - Strauss (wind ensemble)

1st Movement from Three Improvisations - Phil Woods (sax quartet)

- interval -

There's no I in it - Christian McNally (percussion ensemble)

The Remote Viewers
David Petts - No more adventures
  (World Premier)
David Petts - Between Certainties  
  (World Premier) 

Burlesque - Adam Gorb (clarinet ensemble)
Harlequin - Bruce Broughton (full band)
Vesuvius - Frank Ticheli (full band)
Blue Rondo a la Turk - Dave Brubeck (full band)

Tickets £8 (5)


Friday November 21st

Regent Hall
The Salvation Army
275 Oxford St
London W1C 2DJ

Tickets on door available from 5.30pm


Simon Desorgher (flutes; computers) and Sally Mays (Piano)
with Matt Saunders (sound projection)

Ian Clarke                       Orange Dawn
(flute and piano)

David Sutton-Anderson      Deer's Cry
(flute and electronics)

Avril Anderson            Juillet
(solo piano) 

Simon Desorgher                Improvisation
(flutes plus computer/sensor system designed by David Stevens)

Simon Desorgher          Mature Person's Guide to the Flute
(fl and pno)


Orange Dawn was inspired by the vision of a dawn scene in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa.  Aternative flute fingerings are used to help create a mysterious earthy quality to the sound. 

The Deer's Cry is a prayer written by St. Patrick: 'I arise today through splendour of fire, swiftness of wind, depth of sea, stability of earth, I arise'. The four movements are Clear Water, Whispering Wind, Flickering Fire and Earth'e Lullaby. The work commissioned by Hannah Money and first performed at the Barnstaple Colourscape Festival by Simon Desorgher in June of this year.

Juillet was commissioned by the pianist Claire van Kampen with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain.  It is the first of a set of solo instrumental pieces bearing the title of one of eleven months in French.

Simon Desorgher’s improvisation performance uses a new computer-music sampling and sensor system devised by composer David Stevens.  Movement, direction and pressure sensors are controlled by the player so that live flute samples are built up into a whole orchestra of new flute sounds.

Mature Person’s Guide to the Flute was commissioned by Sounds Positive Ensemble in Purcell’s 300th anniversary year.  Purcell’s famous theme is re-worked into a set of variations exploring new sounds and ways of playing the flute.




Six pieces for Solo Piano

I) Chorales in the Mist
II) A Short Promenade
III) Lullaby Sketch
IV) Rupture
V) An Imaginary Landscape
VI) Whirligig

THE ECHOING SKY (2001/02)**
For Piano and Electronics


* London Premiere
** UK premiere (version with electronics)


London New Wind Ensemble

Charlotte Munro Flutes, Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Phil Edwards Clarinets, Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn, Glyn Williams Bassoon, Alan Tomlinson Trombone, Robert Coleridge Piano/Conductor

 Hywel Davies                       Apostrophes ................................
Julia Usher                          Periodic Table             (World Premier)
Frank Bayford                      Capriccio Op 83           (World Premier)
Anthony Green                     Higgen Tor                  (World Premier)
Olivia Grigg                   Climbing Rose on a Pergola (World Premier)
Faye-Ellen Silverman (USA)   Alternating Currents    (World Premier)
John Reeman                 Sketches for Wind Quintet (World Premier)
Tickets (on door available from 5.30 onwards) £12 whole event £8 (5) individual events. 


Saturday November 22nd

St Cyprian's Church
Glentworth Street
London NW1 6AX

Performer Summary

Robert Coleridge       Piano
Hugh Shrapnel          Piano and Organ
Catherine Pluygers     Oboe
Beatrix Graff              Bass Clarinet
Alan Tomlinson           Trombone
Martin Pyne                Percussion
New and experimental music by Cornelius Cardew, Hugh Shrapnel, Robert Coleridge, Beatrix Graff, Alan Tomlinson and Gerard Grisey
Tickets £8 (5) (at door from 7pm