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International Women's Day

New Music by Women Composers

Friday March 23

7.30 PM

 Schott Music LTD

48  Great Marlborough Street, London WIF 7BB

Simon Desorgher Flutes, Catherine Pluygers Oboes, Ian Mitchell Clarinets, Alan Tomlinson Trombone,

Robert Coleridge Piano

*World Premier **UK Premier


Yuko Ohara       Rising Eels for Oboe and Trombone

Margaret Lucy Wilkins  "366" for Solo Trobone

**Dorothee Eberhardt (Germany) Campion for Bass Clarinet and Piano

**Violeta Dinescu      Lichtwellen for Solo B flat Clarinet

*Michiko Shimanuki  First Snow for Piano Solo

Catherine Pluygers     Japan for Ensemble

Janet Graham             From Dawn to Dusk for Flute, Oboe and Piano

Erika Fox                      Remembering the Tango for Flute and Piano

Ming Wang                  Die Verwandelten for Solo Bass Flute

Enid Luff                       The Coming of the Rain for Solo Oboe.

Tickets £8(5)

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