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Only That Spark and Nothing More by Karen Keyhani,
Catherine Pluygers - oboe


Performance of Cour D'Avignon by members of
London New Wind Ensemble.
Music By Giogio Coslovich.
November 22nd 2013 Regent's Hall London.


13th London New Wind Festival, Regent Hall, Salvation Army, 275 Oxford St, London WIC 2DJ
Concert 7.45pm.  Friday 19th November 2010.
London New Wind Ensemble
 'Brand New Music for Winds'
Charlotte Munro Flute, Catherine Pluygers Oboe, Phil Edwards Clarinet, Henryk Sienkiewicz Horn, Alan Tomlinson Trombone/Conductor, Glynn Williams Bassoon,
Robert Coleridge Piano/Conductor.

Bernard Hughs
Dance, My Heart is Set for Wind Ensemble  (World Premier)
Jinok Cho
Arirang for Wind Ensemble  (European Premier)

Katee Woods
Winds of Resistance for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Horn (World Premier)

Sam Messer
In Shadow II for Oboe, Clarinet and Piano (World Premier)

Michiko Shimanuki
The Dreams and the Pendulum for Wind Ensemble (Premiered by the festival in 2006)

Jane Serter
Sad Sighs and Grains of Sand for Oboe, Clarinet and Trombone. (World Premier)

Louis Johnson
Lullaby for Wind Ensemble and Piano (World Premier)

Jordan Nobles
Undercurrents for Wind Ensemble and Piano (European Premier)

Marjorie Maxine Rusche (USA)
Radiant Inferno from Eclipse for Solo Piano (European Premier)

Marjorie Maxine Rusche
Tone Poems for Bassoon and Piano

Henryk Sienkiewicz
Trio for Oboe, Horn and Piano (composed 201O for the festival)

Caitlin Rowley
Deconstruct Point, Line, Plane for Ensemble (composed 2010 for the festival)

Robert Coleridge
Nocturnal for Wind Ensemble and Piano (composed 2010 for the festival)

Olivia Grigg
Apollo and the Continents for Wind Ensemble and Piano (World Premier).